Toward Soviet America
Welcome to William Z. Foster's United Soviet States of America!

In 1932 William Z. Foster, the National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, (CPUSA) published his book titled Toward Soviet America. In this book Foster revealed the Communist plan to build a Soviet America, or an American version of the Soviet Union. The last chapter of his book is titled The United Soviet States of America. Foster provided the reader with a general plan along with many specific details throughout this revealing book. Because Foster's book was so revealing, Communists tried to stop publication so Americans would not be forewarned!

Today, hard copies of Toward Soviet America are available at and other popular online bookstores. However, several websites offer free electronic editions of this book. Petro Publications has provided a link to a website that displays free electronic copies of the 1961 reprint of Toward Soviet America, published by the Committee on Un-American Activities, United States House of Representatives. Just click on the picture of the HANDCUFFED CITIZEN to begin reading.

While most Americans slept, many of the key principles and practices predicted by Foster have been deceptively incorporated into the U.S. Government and deeply embedded within American culture. Consequently, the extent to which a Soviet America has become a reality has been documented in the book titled Welcome To Soviet America: Special Edition. For a description of this book, just click on the MAP OF THE USSA, or The United Soviet States of America!

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